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CGI Graphics & Animation

by Decisive Bytes

SEE - We're all about turning two dimensional drawings and plans into high quality, computer generated 3D graphics & animations for designers, builders, realtors and homeowners. Our products include 3-D floorplans, photo-realistic renderings, tailored construction sheets, solar studies, and "walk/ fly-through" videos. Our goal is to provide a crystal clear representation of how your finished project is to look. Ideally, we start working with you in the design phase of your project, but can assist anywhere along it's timeline. Our award winning design & decorating partners can help coordinate your spaces as well.

SELL - We can bring your project to life before you lift hammer. Increasingly, people start their purchasing process on the internet. Two-dimensional drawings don't bode well when it comes to promoting and marketing your under-construction or future product. Potential customers are more likely to skip over them and look at competitors' pictures of finished work. With our life-like renderings you’ll be able to compete in the marketing realm months ahead of time by capturing the attention of customers as they start looking, rather than hoping they'll still be there when you're done building.

BUILD - Our products take the guesswork out of turning your vision into your reality. For many, traditional plans and drawings do not convey to the mind’s eye how a finished project will look. It's also possible no two minds will interpret these plans similarly. At the construction site, sub-contractors will go through their own translations while turning these detailed schematics into physical spaces, oftentimes missing the mark and having to re-do their work. There may be times you'll wish you had done it differently... after walls are up, the paint is on, or finding furniture doesn’t fit a space as hoped. Finally, some details are often overlooked from the beginning. Imagine discovering the morning sun is in your eyes the first time you sit down in your anticipated place of retreat. All these realities ultimately produce delays, added costs, and frustrations. We can mitigate these risks to help ensure your project is completed as envisioned, on budget, and on time.