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CGI Graphics & Animation

by Decisive Bytes

Photomontage – Sequential renderings in the form of a video.  Useful for quickly displaying multiple views or spaces of a project, showing before and after views from the same camera location, the same space with various surface choices, (such as paint colors, countertops and flooring choices),  or viewing alternate furniture layout options.

Walk through and fly by animations – Provides the ultimate in clarity as to what your project will be. These videos can surpass even live videos of a finished project in that the path of the “camera” has no limits.

3-D floor plans - Great for assisting real estate marketers and architects in explaining floor plans to clients. Their simplicity allows individuals unfamiliar with conventional floor plans to understand difficult architectural concepts.
Tailored Construction Sheets
Solar Studies - Natural light is an important and often overlooked aspect in designing a home, choosing a lot, or deciding how to orient your structure on your property. Solar studies can factor the exact location, elevation and orientation of your project with respect to the Earth and Sun and display where light and shadows will fall on any given date and time.